Summer Camp Director

The Summer Camp Director is hired from May to August and is in charge of the Summer Camp Program.

Being a director at a camp is an amazing, unforgetable, and richly rewarding experience. Just ask anyone who has been a director before and they will tell you the same thing. In fact talk to some of your leaders in your community and chances are they were, at some point, a director at a camp. They will also tell you that being a director gave them invaluable leadership experience that helped them discover themself and God.

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Being the Director is never easy work. You are "on-call" 24 hours/day during camp. The director is never just the director. The director must be ready at all times to be where they are needed, whether that is with maintenance or helping to cure a homesick camper. Needless to say there is never a dull moment.

  • The Summer Director plans and organizes the summer program. He/she is in charge of finding and hiring all of the staff including Cabin Leaders, Cabin Leaders-in-Training, Cooks, and Camp Pastors.
  • May and June are the prep months. There is no camp going on but he/she must start planning the summer program. The Director can stay right at the camp where lodging is provided.
  • The Director is paid full-time (wage TBN) until camp is finished in August. During camp, the director receives free room and board.
  • Being a director is perfect for a university student who has the right amount of experience, thinks outdoor ministry is important, and needs to make a bit of money for the next semester.
  • Public relations and camp promotion is very important and the Director must be able to be ready to get out there and promote the camp in the community around Camp Elim.
  • The Director works in conjuction with the Board, who oversee all operations at Elim. They are the ones responsible for employing the Director and Manager.

If this sounds like your dream job then you should contact the camp and apply right NOW!