Camp Information


Volunteers make up a vital and important part of our staff. We have volunteer positions for anyone willing to spend some time at camp. We require camp nurses, maintenance persons, cooks, kitchen helpers and Bible instructors. And remember, all volunteers receive free room and board.

Cabin Leaders-in-Training

The cabin leader-in-training program is perhaps one of the most important program at any camp. As a cabin leader-in-training you gain valuable job experience, on the job training, and in the end, it is the cabin leaders-in-training who make up the core of the summer staff.

Cabin Leaders

If you have completed grade twelve, then apply to Camp Elim as a cabin leader this summer. And why stop there? If you are a certified life guard or love singing, then apply as a camp life guard or song leader. Have fun growing in your faith as you help young children nurture their own relationship to God. Have fun going to camp and get paid for it!